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The silver era of comics lasted about a decade and a half from 1956 to 1970. This period was marked by a dramatic increase in the popularity of comics at that time. This surge in popularity came from a variety of sources, and the silver era of comics paved the way for comics for decades and continues to influence comics today.You can also buy comics via called ‘acheter bandes dessinĂ©es via in french) .

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The silver era of comics was marked by dramatically improved artwork. The finer details and brighter colors ensure the characters and actions appear even more refined. The comic is full of action and the action jumps off the page. Even the format and narrative of the comic itself evolved to better depict emotions, storylines, and plot or dialogue scenes.

The biggest change from the previous era, the Golden Age, was that during the Silver Age of Comics, the focus was strong on superheroes. The superheroes and villains they fought were basically the only focus of the comics during this period. Plus, this superhero has been made even more human. Stories about how superheroes appear usually involve science fiction storylines, dramatic emotional and personal issues, or both. This change in plot, story, and comic characters was triggered by Kode Komik.

The Comic Code Authority was founded in 1954 to standardize and perfect comics for the younger generation after receiving national attention and criticism from politicians. The decision was to make the comics less violent and less bloody. Hence, the direction of movement of the comics had to change, and that change focused all efforts on the superhero genre.

By turning superheroes into dramatic events that shape their personalities or sci-fi accidents that give them extra skills and powers, they make the characters even more human. It gives cartoon characters more life, personality and origins and makes it easier for people to invest in them.

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